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What is a Chakra?

Just as radiant light, when seen through a prism or as a rainbow, is revealed as a “full spectrum” of colors...

so too is the radiant and healthy human comprised of a "full spectrum" of energies, different aspects of consciousness flowing together and expressed as a whole.

When we acknowledge these various parts and “colors” of ourselves, and begin to work with them and on them and bring them into a harmonious balance within us, we can truly become All-We-Are.

chakra diagram

Think of it like this: chakras are like the strings of a guitar.
Each one has its own distinct sound or vibration as a single note, and yet these notes work together to produce chords- individual notes vibrating together in a harmonious way.

Our bodies, just like any organism or instrument that we expect and need to perform efficiently and beautifully over time, require regular maintenance and tuning. If the strings of the guitar are not in tune with one another, the instrument will not produce harmonious sound. And if the instrument itself is out of tune, it will not “play well” with other instruments either.

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