Brooke Smokelin
December 6, 2019

The Sacral Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana (”seat of life”, “dwelling place of self”)
Element: Water
Color: Orange
Number of Petals: 6
Verb: “I feel/ I want”
Body Parts: Lower abdomen, womb/genitals, kidneys/ bladder, all liquids and fluids of the body
Gland: Ovaries/ testes
Consciousness: The power of two: reflection, harmony, polarity, movement, change, sexuality, desire, emotion, balance

Bija Mantra

VAM (“vahm”)


I am in touch with my feelings.

I respect the feelings and desires of others.

Yoga Pose

Butterfly /BADHAKONASANA (Static)

Butterfly /BADHAKONASANA (Static)

Sit on your bottom and bring both feet in front of you, sole to sole.
Place your hands under your feet and draw the heels in toward your perineum.
Relax your shoulders and your face.

Let you sitbones sink down toward the floor and let your navel, heart, throat, and crown chakras draw up toward the sky, lengthening the spine.

Keep your chin parallel to the floor and hold the upper body still while you let the knees/thighs bounce gently up and down.

*Continue bouncing the legs with Long Deep Breathing for 1 minute.
*Stop bouncing and continue Long Deep Breathing for 30 seconds.


Lengthen the spine.


Draw your chest out and down toward your feet.  Let your elbows come out in front of your shins and allow your upper body to sink toward the floor and your inner thighs to stretch.

*Continue Long Deep Breathing for 1-3 minutes.

Sacral Chakra Remedy

Sacral Chakra Yoga is the right remedy for you at this time if you:

  • often feel overwhelmed or overpowered by others
  • often feel overwhelmed and overpowered by your own emotions OR suppress your emotions so as not to feel them at all
  • have a desire for AND are afraid of intimacy
  • try to manipulate others to do what you want them to do
  • have trouble saying “no” and asserting yourself
  • have a weak immune system
  • want to learn to be yourself AND be with others at the same time
  • want to better understand what it means to “harmonize” with others

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