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Teacher Training

teacher training

The Chakra Activation Yoga Certification Program

These days, chakras are all the buzz. And with yoga being so popular, there is a lot of usage of the term “chakra yoga”.  I hear many yoga teachers talking about the chakras but later confiding that they haven’t actually experienced the energy of a chakra. Or did they? The truth is, you can read a lot of books about the chakras and the energy body, and talk about what you have read in your yoga teacher training, but in order to really teach about it, you need to have had an experience.  This is where I come in…

I have been studying, developing, and teaching Chakra Activation Yoga for over 20 years and my work is rooted in the intention to help people EXPERIENCE and EXPLORE their chakra energy systems, and therefore fully EMBODY THE LIGHT they are.

When you work with the tools and techniques of my Chakra Activation Yoga program, you will no longer have just a vague notion of the chakras but a very clear experiential understanding of the whole chakra system, how the chakras work together, and what you can do to improve your chakra health and have balanced energy flow. And, as a Chakra Activation Yoga teacher, through your own practice and experiences you can stand firmly in this experiential knowledge and pass that on confidently to your students.

If you are already a yoga teacher and are interested in studying with me to become certified to teach Chakra Activation Yoga classes, then here is the scoop!

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Chakra Activation Requirements

Chakra Activation Immersion

Attend a full Chakra Activation Immersion (all 7 chakras) or complete all 7 chakras of my Chakra Activation Workshop Series

Chakra Activation Level 2

Attend (2) Chakra Education (Level 2) Weekend Immersions

Teacher's Examination

Complete the Chakra Activation Yoga Teacher’s examination.

Teach 8 Classes

Teach 8 Chakra Activation Yoga classes / receive feedback and evaluation.

Mentorship Program

Enroll and complete Chakra Activation Yoga Mentorship Program for 6 months.

My Training Has 3 Levels:

Level 1

Chakra Activation

ALL LEVELS of yoga practitioners- EVERYONE STARTS HERE!

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Level 2

Chakra Education Weekend Immersions

Chakra Activation Yoga Certification- ONLY YOGA TEACHERS THAT HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL 1

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Level 3

CAY Teacher Mentorship

This is a one-on-one mentoring program specifically for yoga teachers that have completed my Level 1 and Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training for Chakra Activation Yoga Certification.

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Chakra Activation for Yoga Studios

Are you a YOGA STUDIO OWNER that's interested in having Chakra Activation Yoga classes at your studio/ having me lead a Chakra Activation Yoga Teacher Training program at your studio? Let's connect! 

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Get Your Own Chakra Activation Deck

Design Your Practice

A handy tool to inspire yoga practitioners to design their own at-home, self-paced, chakra-themed yoga practice! Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Activate and Explore Your Chakras

This fabulous product compiles my 25+ years of experience as a yoga instructor and 18 years of guiding my students on our “sacred journey up the spine” aka The Chakra Activation Workshop Series and Immersions.

Student / Yogi Center

Chakra Activation Immersions