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Sound Healing & Music

Sound Healing demonstration

What is Sound Healing?

We have all turned to music and sounds to change our mood- to lift us up, to feel and remember feelings, to get us “pumped up” for a particular task at hand. We listen and resonate with the words of the singer, the intensity of the instruments, the energy of the sounds.

Collectively, instinctively, we feel and know that music and sounds have a particular power.

Indeed, when we look up heal (v) in the dictionary it says “to make sound”. When we look up sound (adj) in the dictionary it says “normal and healthy, not weak, diseased, or impaired”.

Think about it….

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Sound Healing Sessions


Group Sound Healing Experiences

People gather together to experience the uplifting and healing power of sound. Whether it's receiving a relaxing "sound bath" or participating in an ecstatic trance-chanting "kirtan", music is medicine for us all.

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Private Sound Healing Sessions

In these one-on-one therapeutic sessions you experience specific frequencies and sound healing techniques to clear and reinforce the vibrational field as well as stimulate the subtle and physical body back to well being and full spectrum functioning.

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Pulling "a card a day" from my Chakra Activation Deck AND listening to the Chakra Affirmations is my minimum daily practice. I absolutely love it!

Chakra Affirmations Audio

Get your chakras tuned up and activated at the same time!  I designed and produced these audio tracks so you can 1) listen to the Chakra Affirmations from my Chakra Activation Deck, 2) hear and feel the crystal bowl and tuning forks tones that correspond to that chakra, 3) practice your Chakra Activation Yoga at the same time!

Shine on!

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Brooke's Music

I've got a kirtan album full of positively powerful mantras called Music is Medicine!
I've got a mystical mythical musical creation story called the Song of Light
I've got dance remixes of my mantra music! 
I've got a live Deep Listening album!
I've got Sound Baths to help you sleep!

Check it all out here!