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For Yoga Studio Owners


My name is Brooke Smokelin and I am the founder of Chakra Activation Yoga and the creator of the Chakra Activation Deck.  Chakra Activation Yoga is a unique fusion style of classic static hatha asanas and dynamic kundalini kriyas sequenced to awaken, explore, and balance each of the 7 chakra-energy centers and IGNITE THE LIGHT within.

I have 25 years of yoga teaching experience and I am an E-RYT/ YACEP offering advanced trainings to yoga teachers. My Chakra Activation Deck is a fabulous and fun tool for inspiring and designing a home based chakra-themed yoga practice.  I am also musician, sound healer, and devoted bhakti yogi and I bring all kinds of musical medicine to yoga studios and communities all around the country.

It is my honor and joy to teach yoga students of all levels all over the world.

I would love to bring this joy to your studio and community! 
Here are the details on my offerings: 

1) The Chakra Activation Immersion Weekend: IGNITE THE LIGHT!


ONE WEEKEND (Friday evening/ Saturday/Sunday or just Saturday/Sunday)

(1) 3 hour workshop (Energy Anatomy & Root Chakra Activation combined)
(6) 2.5 hour workshops (Sacral Chakra through Crown Chakra)

with OPTIONAL Musical Medicine “add-ons" for Friday or Saturday or Sunday evenings (listed below)….


I provide 18 CEUs (through Yoga Alliance) to yoga teachers that attend all 7 Chakra Activations in a weekend.


My pricing standard for In Person Individual Chakra Activations is $70 and the Chakra Activation Immersion Weekend is $70 x 7=  $ 490/ pp.

I require a deposit from studios when reserving my services for a weekend and a 15 person minimum commitment.

(Please note this CAY Immersion Weekend can also serve as a training module in your own in-house yoga teacher training program.  

It is also the LEVEL 1 weekend in my Chakra Activation Yoga Certification Program...see below.)

2)  I offer an Advanced Teacher Training/ Chakra Activation Yoga Certification Program

for already certified (200/300/500 hour) yoga teachers to become certified to teach Chakra Activation Yoga classes (ongoing weekly classes ONLY).

If you have a group of interested teachers and want to provide Chakra Activation Yoga at your studio, bring me in!

3) You can purchase my Chakra Activation Decks at wholesale prices

and sell them at your studio!  Please go here to find out more.

The Musical Meditation ADD-ONS:

Any musical meditation offering(s) below can be integrated into this Weekend Immersion Experience, depending on location/transportation options.

Please inquire!

A) *Crystal Bowl Chakra Activation Sound Bath/Third Eye “Concert” -1 hour

I have a full octave/chakra set of crystal bowls that will vibrationally activate each of the chakras and harmonize the entire vibrational body.  

A perfect compliment to the Chakra Activation Yoga Immersion Weekend!  

B) *Brooke’s Bhakti Bliss Kirtan/Yogic “Trance Chanting” Experience -1.5- 2 hours

Kirtan is a traditional yogic group practice/ high energy musical meditation experience of “mantra trance-chanting”- positively powerful words and phrases rhythmically repeated in a call-and-response style with simple supportive instrumentation.

Doing this practice of reciting- chanting and singing- mantras and affirmations with others amplifies the positive vibrations of these ancient sacred prayer-songs from different cultures and the experience is AMAZING.

***** Listen to my kirtan album Vox Lumina’s Music is Medicine on iTunes!  

C)* Vox Lumina Musical Medicine Experience - 2-3 hours

Combining the best of Sound Bath plus kirtan/ Bhakti Bliss into one wonderful experience.  

If you/ your studio/ your teaching community is interested in my offerings or receiving more information on these programs, please contact me at:

It would be an honor to share with you.

In joy,


Chakra Activation Yoga

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