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Chakra Activation Yoga

Chakra Activation Yoga

What is a Chakra?

According to yoga, there are seven major chakras, or centers of energy and consciousness, located along the spine. Each one is distinct; they are associated with certain spinal zones and body parts, different aspects of the nervous and glandular systems, different emotional growth stages and certain colors and sounds. And yet, each chakra is part of the whole human energy system and therefore contributes to a person’s overall health and well-being.

Although most of us cannot see them, the chakras are a spinning, vibrating system of energetic gears constantly churning “prana” or “life force”, through every cell of our being.

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What is Chakra Activation Yoga?

Brooke Smokelin
"The purpose of Chakra Activation Yoga is to “tune up” the chakras so that we may get a better sense of these different aspects of consciousness within ourselves and create a beautiful harmonization of our own body, mind, and spirit.

Ultimately it is from an awareness of this place of inner resonance and strength that we are able to seek and create harmony with the outer world and with each other."
Brooke smokelin
  —  Brooke Smokelin, Chakra Activation Yoga Creator and Director

Chakra Activation Immersions

1 weekend. 7 chakras. Infinite possibilities!

Join me for a positively powerful and absolutely illuminating weekend yoga immersion experience to activate and energize all of your chakras and IGNITE THE LIGHT with Chakra Activation Yoga!

Join the Light Warrior Team! 
Get chakra-activated!

Yoga teachers can earn CEUs....

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Get Your Own Chakra Activation Deck

Design Your Practice

A handy tool to inspire yoga practitioners to design their own at-home, self-paced, chakra-themed yoga practice! Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Activate and Explore Your Chakras

This fabulous product compiles my 25+ years of experience as a yoga instructor and 18 years of guiding my students on the “sacred journey up the spine” aka The Chakra Activation Yoga experience.

What does a healthy chakra sound like? Listen to these Chakra Affirmations and find out!
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Chakra Affirmations

I designed and produced these audio tracks so you can
1)relax and listen to the Chakra Affirmations from my Chakra Activation Deck over and over,
2)hear and feel the crystal bowl and tuning forks tones that correspond to that chakra, and 3) practice your Chakra Activation Yoga at the same time!

Shine on!

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My Closing Prayer for Chakra Activation Yoga Classes

Take a deep breath in and hold the breath,
visualize and feel yourself filled with light,
every cell filled with light.

Deep breath in and hold the breath,
visualize and feel this light radiating out,
healing, uplifting and inspiring everyone you meet, everywhere you go, all the time.


Deep breath in, hold the breath,
visualize and feel your healing light going out to someone or someplace that needs it at this time.

Deep breath in, hold the breath,
visualize and feel our beautiful earth
surrounded by and filled with our healing light,
peace in all hearts,
peace in all hearts,
peace in all hearts

Let’s send that out with 3 OMs together....


brooke smokelin — Chakra Activation Yoga creator and director
Brooke Smokelin