Brooke Smokelin
December 5, 2019

The Navel Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Manipura (“lustrous gem”, “city of jewels”)
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Number of Petals: 10
Verb: “I can/ I will”
Body Parts: Stomach, muscles, solar plexus, navel
Gland: Pancreas
Consciousness: Will, action, power & empowerment, energy & efficiency, attention & intention, courage, confidence, commitment, completion, healthy sense of “I am”, mythic hero

Bija Mantra

RAM (“rahm”)


I am capable.

I will fulfill my potential.

Yoga Pose

Warrior 1 /VIRABHADRASANA 1 (Static)

Warrior 1 /VIRABHADRASANA 1 (Static)

From Tadasana (Mountain Pose) place your hands on your hips and take a big step back with the right leg.

Turn the right foot at a 45 degree angle and let the back heel and outer edge of the foot sink down while the inner arch lifts up.  Bend the left (front) knee so that it aligns above the left big toe.  Hips continue to face FORWARD. Draw the arms up above the head, elbows straight and palms facing in but shoulders width apart.  Relax the shoulders.  Pull Mulband (rectum, sex organ and navel all draw up and in toward the solar plexus).

*Hold this position for 5-10 breaths. 
*Bring the arms down and step forward with the right foot to meet the left back in Tadasana. 
*Repeat with the other side.

Navel Chakra Remedy

Navel Chakra Yoga is the right remedy for you at this time if you:

  • feel “lost” or “confused” about your life’s work and purpose
  • feel drained and lack energy and enthusiasm
  • have digestive disorders
  • are chronically overweight
  • lack confidence in yourself
  • lack focus and energy to complete tasks
  • want to gain tools to boost your energy
  • feel disrupted by intense feelings of anger and/or jealousy

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