Brooke Smokelin
December 2, 2019

The Third Eye Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Ajna ("to perceive", "to command")
Element: Light
Color: Indigo
Number of Petals: 2
Verb: “I see”
Body Parts: Eyes, optic nerve, sinuses, brain hemispheres
Gland: Pineal
Consciousness: Perception, insight, intuition, "6th sense", clairvoyance, vision and Vision, visualization, imagination, dreaming & remembering

Bija Mantra

AUM (“ohm”)


I trust and act on my intuition.

I clearly visualize positive possibilities for my life and for my world.

Yoga Pose

Tree Pose /VRKSASANA (Static)

Tree Pose /VRKSASANA (Static)

Begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose).  Find a fixed focal point directly in front of you and align your visual and mental attention to this spot.  Slowly shift your weight over to your left leg as you also lift and lengthen your left leg above the hip.  Bend and lift your right knee and turn it out to the right and place the sole of your right foot on the midline (inner part) of your left calf, knee, or thigh. If possible put your right heel at your groin. Lift the navel and the heart and continue to lengthen the spine while you stare at your focal point.  Deep breathing.  Bring your palms together at your heart and press the palms together, hugging the invisible midline.  Take the palms upward along the midline above the head, continuing to press in while drawing the elbows open and the bottom of the shoulder blades down.

*Find an easy rhythm for 5-10 breaths and relax what you can relax.

Then, while maintaining this posture, practice closing your eyes for a few seconds and then opening again to reconnect with your focal point.  Over time and with practice you will develop a clearer image of yourself and your orientation with your Inner Eye and you will become more and more comfortable with this eyes closed experience.

*Repeat with the right leg as the standing leg.  
*Relax back in Tadasana.

Third Eye Chakra Remedy

Third Eye Chakra Yoga is the right remedy for you at this time if you:

  • desire to and are ready to see/perceive the truth of your reality
  • need to heal and restore a healthy relationship with your own intuition
  • want to remember and connect with both your “sleeping dreams” and your
    “waking dreams” and integrate this information into your day to day life
  • desire to awaken in your dreams
  • want to improve your vision
  • want to energize the pineal gland and orient more toward the Light
  • want to vitalize and balance left and right brain hemispheres
  • want to understand and experience the see/hear/feel sensation & knowledge of the THIRD EYE

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