Vox Lumina
The Adventures of Vox Lumina

The Legend of Vox Lumina

I am the exiled Queen, returning to my homeland- Orga, the Kingdom of Organically Generated Sound,Time, and Form.  My father, the King, is dead.  He was overpowered at long last by the forces of Syntha: the Synthetics and their processed forms;  the Machines and their noise.  (This was an outcome I had hoped to prevent, as I was well aware of the Syntha threat, having confirmed it’s existence by arriving there through the Portals of Dream and Sun, and spending countless moments observing the manifestations of those synthetic sound-forms. And it was for this very reason I was exiled into The Forgetting, sentenced never to return to my beloved Orga again....)

But, alas, I was called back by the Bijas, the Seven Colors of Sound, as I am the daughter of the Queen before me.  For it is written that at any given point in time one member of my lineage must be present on the land, to be present for the light, to make the Pulsing possible, so that all Orga’ns can sense and resonate with it.  Elsewise the Out-Turning begins and the Bijas are required to separate the spectrum of light, scatter to unknown places in the universe, and live in dormancy for an undetermined length of time.  At the time of scattering, however, they have a final chance to radiate the full spectrum, to put out a final call for any that have been trained to hear, resonate, and respond.  

I have heard the last calling of the full spectrum of light.

I have awakened from the powerful spell of the Forgetting.

I have returned to Orga- a place nearly unrecognizable and over run by synthetic time-

to share the dreamsongs of the Original Ones.

I am Vox Lumina.

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The Adventures of Vox Lumina

Captain’s Log, from Vox Lumina, The Forays into Syntha

When we came from Orga into the Syntha atmosphere there was so much we lost, so much we didn’t know.
Vox Lumina
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The Adventures of Vox Lumina

Excerpt from The Legend of Vox Lumina

As a child she was given to transcendental moments; in a quiet space her mind would fill with a different texture of sound, many “voices” at high speed in a language she did not recognize.
Vox Lumina

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