Vox Lumina
The Adventures of Vox Lumina

Excerpt from The Legend of Vox Lumina

As a child she was given to transcendental moments; in a quiet space her mind would fill with a different texture of sound, many “voices” at high speed in a language she did not recognize.  Over the years she became more familiar with this channel of energy and could recognize certain sound forms and rhythms.  It was  a language, but one completely foreign to the atmosphere of Orga.

In her early adolescence she revealed this knowledge to the Bijas, thinking that perhaps the all-knowing of the kingdom would know the origins of this language.Yet when she spoke of this they showed no signs of understanding, no knowledge of this other intelligence.  

Now Vox was not one to doubt herself.  As the single heir to the throne she believed in the mystery of the Unfolding and her unique role in it.  She saw herself as neither better nor worse than any other being, but only completely unique, unprecedented, gifted with gifts and embodying information that no one else had.  She was therefore solely responsible for their timely revelation.

However, the Bijas had always known more than she.  Not better, just more, and this was the first time she had presented them with information with which they could not comment.  A turning point.  Indeed, it was a landmark for the Bijas as well.  A realization of her true gift: to hear beyond the realm of Orga.  They knew this language bound her to her destiny, but they knew not how or when.  They were not afraid.  The Bijas knew no fear.  Only a responsiveness to the present moment.  (They had no “I”, no agenda, no desire. Their purpose was to sustain the sound, to keep the sound.)

She studied with the Bijas the ways of organic sound- how to generate it, how to resonate with another’s sound in order to become undetectable, (see Orga’n Sound Training Manual for more information) and how to use sound to heal or as a weapon, to overpower another or as a shield to protect oneself from other vibrations.  Her power was the purity of her sound, the form of her sounds.  For each sound has it’s own geometry, which, when known, visualized, experienced, and projected, makes it a powerful tool, more powerful than any in the universe.  Indeed, this is what has lead to the reverence and mystification of Orga’ns throughout the universe.”

- From The Legend of Vox Lumina

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The Adventures of Vox Lumina

The Legend of Vox Lumina

I am the exiled Queen, returning to my homeland- Orga, the Kingdom of Organically Generated Sound,Time, and Form.
Vox Lumina
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The Adventures of Vox Lumina

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Vox Lumina

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