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Sound Baths


Sound Baths are immersive musical meditations, sometimes referred to as “horizontal concerts” or "third-eye concerts", since participants often rest comfortably on the floor or in a reclined position with their eyes closed and experience the deep and visceral vibrations of the instruments. In this relaxed position and state of mind participants are led through breathing and relaxation exercises and a guided meditation and creative visualization.

Then the sound bathing begins.... the pure tones and overtones of the quartz crystal singing bowls create a magnificent vibrational matrix to refresh, recalibrate and recharge body mind and spirit. Every watery cell within you is moved by the simple and powerful music and eventually comes into harmonious resonance- a feeling of wholeness induced, restored, and supported by sound.

Often the crystal bowls are  beautifully accompanied by the deep pulsing drones of the didgeridoo played by my dear friend and musical collaborator Matthew Robert Macri aka Octeel.

In addition to doing regular sound baths at yoga studios, I/we bring this musical meditation and deep relaxation to hospitals (for both staff and patients), schools (for both staff and students), churches, memorial services, special occasions and "relaxation parties".

Listen to a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath:

Listen to a Crystal Bowl & Didgeridoo Sound Bath: 

My dear friend Matthew Macri (aka Octeel) is a phenomenal sound explorer, musician, visual artist, tattooer, and didgeridoo crafter. It is a gift and an honor to make musical medicine with him. We've been playing together for over 7 years.

Octeel has always been interested in music and how it affects people. His respect and experience of sound vibration and it’s positive influence has led to an ever-evolving collaborative sound experience. Through playing didgeridoo, Octeel holds intentions of healing, positivity, and journey for each listener’s personal exploration. Aside from teaching didgeridoo, he currently performs with Vox Lumina regularly, and is designing didgeridoos to aid in his creation of auditory worlds.


and follow him on Instagram: @octeeltattoo

Do you like what you hear? Does it make you feel better? Check out more of my live recordings and videos, sound healing downloads, and chakra affirmation audio tracks:

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