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Deep Listening Concerts


We* invite you on an auditory enterprise, a musical meditation, a vibration adventure…. Experience a magnificent soundscape of crystal bowls and didgeridoo, delightfully combining the elements of sonic science, spiritual practice, and artistic expression.

Our “Deep Listening” Concert is different than our Sound Baths in a few ways.

First, the setting is that of a performance, in a theater or concert hall. (In Pittsburgh we’ve played in the acoustically sublime Carnegie Music Hall. Bring us to one of your city’s fabulous performance halls!)

Second, the audience sits upright in chairs. Audience members are invited to open their ears and close their eyes throughout the performance, to go into a “deep listening” meditative state where they can hear/feel/see the music with their Third Eye/Ajna Chakra, and allow the pineal gland, the organ of perception, to open and have an experience of the vibrational states of unison, harmony, and octave.

Thirdly, our performance is presented as sonic-vibrational experiences, distinct “movements” generated by specific frequencies and combinations. Indeed, with single tone instruments you can truly experience that each sonic combination has its own unique kind of movement- frequencies and harmonies that generate patterns and multi-dimensional wave forms. Your watery cells, your body of water, will vibrate to these waveforms as well, eliciting a movement, an emotional response, a distinct feeling state.

*My dear friend Matthew Macri (aka Octeel) is a phenomenal digeridoo player, sound explorer, musician, visual artist, tattooer, and didgeridoo crafter. It is a gift and an honor to make musical medicine with him. We've been playing together for over 7 years.

Octeel has always been interested in music and how it affects people. His respect and experience of sound vibration and it’s positive influence has led to an ever-evolving collaborative sound experience. Through playing didgeridoo, Octeel holds intentions of healing, positivity, and journey for each listener’s personal exploration. Aside from teaching didgeridoo, he currently performs with Vox Lumina regularly, and is designing didgeridoos to aid in his creation of auditory worlds.


and follow him on Instagram: @octeeltattoo

Listen to Deep Listening: Sound Healing Concerts with Vox Lumina and Octeel anytime, anywhere!

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Deep Listening Concerts

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