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The Reason I use Pythagorean Tuned Instruments

Have you ever tried to play an instrument that is out of tune?

Or listened to live music played by multiple instruments that are out of tune with each other? It’s annoying and uncomfortable at least and oftentimes actually very difficult and painful to experience. And yet this same discomfort and “dis-ease” plagues many of us all the time, in our own bodies and in our minds, as we are increasingly out of tune with ourselves and with the natural world we inhabit.

The good news is that there is a “musical math” within us and everywhere around us -the varying length of the bones of our fingers and feet and arms and legs, the growth pattern of sunflowers and seashells, corn and pine cones, the very shape of the vast spiraling of our Milky Way. This is the Golden Ratio ( ) otherwise known as phi/ 1.618….,  whose reoccurring rightness and mysterious natural beauty entranced many a mathematician and artist, including Pythagoras and DaVinci. The bad news is that we are too busy to hear it- the “Music-We-Are”- and in not hearing it we have gone out of tune with it. So badly out of tune that it hurts.

Through my therapeutic sound work with hundreds of clients over the years, I have come to believe that the stresses and habits and technologies of our modern life have left many of us with an affliction and dis-ease of feeling and actually being “out of tune“ with our own bodies, and most certainly out of tune with nature. Furthermore, I have personal evidence to substantiate that hearing and feeling for yourself the unison, harmony, and octave frequencies of single tone instruments like tuning forks and quartz crystal bowls, and experiencing the musical/mathematical language of Pythagorean intervals can help us to remember what true harmonious relationship is and help us to create more harmony in ourselves, in our lives, and in our world.

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