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Yoga, Nature & Ayurveda Immersion in India April 1-13, 2024

Forest bathe and climb a peak in the Himalayas. River bathe in the gorgeous upper Ganges. Nurture yourself at an Ayurvedic Mountain Retreat. Daily yoga, community and extraordinary beauty!

12:00 pm

From Rishikesh to Sari to Deorital (Lake of the Gods) to the Tunganath Temple (one of the highest Shiva Temples in the world) and on to the summit of Chandrashila (with heavenly panoramas of the Great Himalayas) ~

From to Devprayag (Divine Confluence) and downstream through the lifeblood of India, the holy Ganges River ~

We will experience the transformative energy of the Himalayas, the purifying energy of Ma Ganga, and the powerful energy that comes when the focus is on being completely present with ourselves and with nature.

This immersive expedition will also include sinking deeply into the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda to enhance the experience and root us into the sacred land and waters.

Please contact Jeremy Anderson on Inspired Life Ayurveda for more information.