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World Water Day & All Water Ceremony @6 pm

What are you doing for World Water Day?

Vox Lumina
6:00 pm

March 22 is World Water Day!

How will you be celebrating water?

In Pittsburgh, PA I'm hosting a World Water Day Celebration & All Water Ceremony

from 6-8 pm at Tree Pittsburgh

(32 62nd Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15201)

Join us!

All are welcome and it's FREE!


The gorgeous solar-powered Tree Pittsburgh venue on the shore of our beautiful Allegheny River will provide the perfect place for our water-loving community to gather.

I'll be sharing slides and stories of all the amazing bodies of water I met and the vibrational medicine that was made on my most recent All Water/ Song of Light Tour around the country this summer & fall as part of the ongoing River Alchemy Project.

We will make water-celebrating ceremony together and offer the All Water I have been gathering (since 1996!) to our rivers and bodies of water here, with special attention/intention and care to our neighbor waters downstream (our Ohio River and her tributaries in East Palestine, Ohio) which are in dire need of a flushing and a cleansing and a flood of water medicine for vibrational upliftment.

To find out more about the All Water, Vox Lumina's Song of Light, and the River Alchemy Project:

*** Please note: The path to the river for the All Water Ceremony is unpaved, so wear some sure-footed shoes!***


Do you live somewhere else?

* Make plans to gather a friend or two and go to your favorite body of water and say THANK YOU in some sincere and unique way.
However small, please know it makes a difference.

The Great Being of Water will hear you.
The Great Being of Water will feel you.

* Get in touch with your local watershed or river advocacy association and find out what they are doing for World Water Day. If they don't have anything planned yet, suggest a simple gathering at your favorite stream or pond or river!

Water is life.

For us and for all beings on this planet.

Water deserves our love and appreciation.

Water deserves our respect and our care.