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Women ReWilding River Adventure

Deep-dive, day-long Nature Immersion for Women

3:00 pm

Join me and my dear friend Jeremy Anderson, 

Ayurvedic teacher

and white water raft guide

for a night of camping

and a day paddling down

the peaceful and scenic Middle Youghigheny River!

Friday June 28 -

Saturday June 29

Things to look forward to:


take a Shamanic Journey

to connect with your Spirit Animal


sing sacred songs by the fire to celebrate life 


rise early for Chakra Activation Yoga

participate in a water ceremony

on our beautiful Youghigheny River


feel empowered & connected

with a glorious group of wild-hearted women

Join us!

$99 per person until June 20th

$125 after that

*food not provided/ everyone brings their own dinner/ breakfast/ lunch & snacks

* inflatable kayak rentals not covered in cost

(outfitter information will be provided upon registration)

What You’ll Need:

- a small backpack/daypack that can carry your snacks for the day and 2 water bottles (enough water for your day) plus any extra socks or additional gear (rain jacket, sunhat, insect repellant, sunscreen, snacky things, camera, sunglasses, notebook, necessary personal items, any necessary medications you might need for the day (like an Epi-pen if you are allergic to bees)

- a tent, sleeping bag & sleeping pad, personal rain gear, flashlight, cooking/ eating utensils, cup for hot beverages

- transportation to and from Camp Out location (although ridesharing with other participants is highly encouraged)

- bring your own food (and a cooler if you need it) for Friday dinner (or arrive fed), Saturday breakfast (that means coffee!) and pack your own lunch and snacks for Saturday on the river. (We will set up a community stove for hot water for beverages at night and morning and instant oatmeal in the a.m.)

- you'll need to rent your own inflatable kayak for Saturday (outfitter info will be provided upon registration)

Your Guides:

Hi!  I’m Brooke Smokelin!  I’m a devoted naturalist and passionate environmental educator. I love creating experiences that awaken people to the beauty and intelligence of nature.  

I studied Environmental Education at Cornell University many moons ago.  Since then I’ve created a cornucopia of nature-oriented experiences.  I’ve run summer immersion programs for kids and taught environmental education in private and public schools.  I’ve co-directed an environmental art studio in upstate New York. I’ve led college students and groups of women on multi-day backpacking retreats.  I’ve done a mountaineering expedition with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).  I’ve created nature therapy programs for trauma survivors after 9/11.  You can read more about all the nature fun I’ve had here.

I’m an experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy nature/ outdoor guide and I’m really excited about this next experience!

Jeremy Anderson lives in Truckee, CA with her beloved husband of 30 years and her 2 teenage daughters. Her passion for nature brought her across the country and into the Sierras in 1999 where she found she had a deep spiritual connection to the mountains, forests, and rivers of this place. She and her husband decided to put down roots and have been enjoying raising their family here and exploring every footpath and river current they can in this awe-inspiring paradise.

Jeremy has been joyfully teaching Ayurveda for 19 years as a Master Teacher at the California College of Ayurveda where she graduated as valedictorian of the 2005 Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist class. At Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda she teaches the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program, the Ayurvedic Nutrition & Digestive Health Coach program, and the Clinical Ayurvedic Herbalist program. Along with her Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist certification, Jeremy received her Panchakarma Specialist and Marma Therapist Certification through CCA, and completed studies at the American Institute of Vedic Studies in Ayurveda for Healthcare Professionals concurrently. She became a Certified Massage Therapist to deepen her Pancha Karma services. Jeremy continues her Vedic Studies in her efforts to always deepen her learning and understanding and is currently studying to become a Yoga Instructor, to deepen her own practice and to further assist and educate her patients and students.

Jeremy has been a Whitewater River Guide for 25 years. She currently teaches guide school as a volunteer for the CA non-profit Friends of the River. She has spent many years leading multi day adventures, primarily on remote rivers throughout the Western United States. As an experienced Adventure Guide, she curates tours that are unique and extraordinary, from unforgettable sights to heart-expanding treasures of our natural world, creating opportunites to see and explore magical and wondrous places while deepening ones connection to nature and ultimately within themselves.

I’ve never heard of “re-wilding” before.  What does it mean?

In the simplest, broadest sense re-wilding means “to return to a more wild or natural state; it is the process of undoing domestication.”

In an ecological/conservational context it refers to the “restoration (of an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild animals or plants)”.

Human re-wilding “encourages the conscious undoing of human domestication and the returning to the lifeways of (more land-based) cultures.” It is often “associated with primitive skills and learning knowledge of wild plants and animals... as well as development of the senses and fostering deepening personal relationships with members of other species and the natural world.” (Wikipedia)