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The "All Chakras" Activation & Meditation Experience @ 2 pm

We will ignite the light within and abide in that brilliance!


So often in our fast-paced lives we do the physical work of our asana practice and then we move right along,

not making or taking the time to immediately enjoy the many benefits of our practice- silence, stillness and deep meditation.

In this Chakra Activation Yoga Experience we will:

* Briefly (re)familiarize ourselves with the basics/ fundamentals of yogic Energy Anatomy (prana, nadis, chakras)

* Generate an abundance of vital energy via pranayama

* Encourage this energy up the spine from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra, experiencing and exploring all 7 physical-emotional-energetic centers via specific Chakra Activation Yoga exercises

* Meditate and remain in this "chakra activated" state for a blissful duration

To find out more about your chakras before the workshop, take the Chakra Assessment: