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The Chakra Activation Experience & Crystal Bowl Sound Bath @ Your Sacred Ally/ Missoula, MT

Activate your chakras with Chakra Activation Yoga and enjoy a long and luxurious sound bath for integration and relaxation!

4:00 am

Are you ready to IGNITE YOUR LIGHT?!

Awaken all of your chakras and radiate your "full-spectrum self" with Brooke Smokelin's unique style of Chakra Activation Yoga!

Brooke Smokelin, founder & director of Chakra Activation Yoga, is coming to Your Sacred Ally to teach these light-brightening techniques in person!
PLUS a long and luxurious crystal bowl sound bath for deep relaxation and integration.

Participants generate energy through pranayama and move it up the spine and through each of the 7 major chakras via Brooke's beautiful fusion of dynamic Kundalini kriyas and static hatha asanas.

This is an actual "tune up" for your body, mind & spirit, and a great thing to do for yourself. Just like we tune up our cars or our instruments so they operate efficiently over time, we also need to tune up our physical/ emotional/ energetic bodies so that they can continue to "play well" together.

Each chakra will be exercised, vitalized, and harmonized and you will leave radiating your "full-spectrum self"!

$50 pp

Please pre-register to reserve your space in this wonderful experience!

This Chakra Activation Yoga workshop is for ALL LEVELS of practitioners wishing to expand their knowledge and experience of their chakra energy fields, as well as therapists, massage therapists, energy workers and healers that want to better understand and experience the chakras.