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Sonic Tonic Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

A sonic journey, an aural meditation, a deep listening, a musical medicine experience into the realm of pure tone and vibration

5:00 am

Sonic Tonic:
Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

noun- a medicine that invigorates or strengthens

adjective- maintaining, increasing, or restoring the tone or health of the body or an organ

tone- that state of the body or of an organ in which all it's functions are performed with healthy vigor


You are invited on a sonic journey, an aural meditation, a deep listening, a musical medicine experience into the realm of pure tone and vibration.

Sound Baths are often referred to as “horizontal Third Eye Concerts” because participants lie down on a yoga mat to enjoy the music and receive the harmonious and healing vibrations.

You close your physical eyes and let your Inner Eye open.

The crystal bowls generate both an ambient and visceral vibration experience: you feel the sound within you and around you.

In this relaxed position and state of mind we begin with a guided breath and body meditation followed by a sonic activation of each of the 7 chakras.

Then the positively powerful pure tones and overtones of quartz crystal singing bowls weave a magnificent matrix of vibration and we dissolve into a deep & liquid listening state.

Here we experience and explore unique sound forms, colorful, textured soundscapes, and the sonic phenomenon of resonance- every cell of you and all the water within you vibrating.

Eventually we crystallize again with the gentle grounding rhythm of the drum, harmonized, re-organized, and revitalized.

The sonic experience encourages an increased auditory awareness and “deep listening” and induces a relaxed and meditative state.

Co-hosted by Sneha Yoga & Wellness Collective

Event will be held at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Studios
2900 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

$25 pp

Please note: Pittsburgh Ballet Theater's Covid Protocol:

Visitors must either show proof of full vaccination or a negative test.

(Full vaccination is defined as two weeks past the second dose of a two-dose series, or two weeks past the single dose of a single-dose series.

For test results, a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of the event or a negative antigen test taken within 24 hours of the event will be accepted.)

Masks are also required in the building at this time.