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Root Chakra Activation Workshop- In Person/ In Pittsburgh, PA

2.5 hour Poses & Practices Zoom Workshop (Sunday January 22 from 2:30-5 pm EST) for Root Chakra Activation PLUS 1 hour Zoom "Integration Session" (Tuesday February 7 from 7:30-8:30 pm EST) for further processing/digesting/ the chakra energies. (Zoom links provided after purchase.)



* have pain or discomfort in your legs, knees, or feet?

* suffer from anxiety or PTSD?

* have a chronic lack of financial resources?

* have “issues” with your adrenal glands/ suffer from adrenal fatigue?

* often feel unsafe, insecure, or “on the run” in some way?

* feel like life is moving too quickly and you can’t seem to slow down?

* suffer from insomnia?

* suffer from chronic constipation?

* have difficulty manifesting/ materializing your ideas?

* have a sense of disconnect from your body/ the Earth/ other people and feel as if you are “hovering above” your life and your body?

* have trouble “letting go”?

If you answered "yes" to any or all of the questions above...


Join us at the Root Chakra Activation Workshop

to activate the Root Chakra energies within you

and learn the Root Chakra Activation Yoga “tools”

-postures, breathing techniques, sounds, visualizations, meditations, affirmations-

to heal, nourish and strengthen this essential aspect of All-You-Are!