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Ecstatic Chanting Experience @ 4:30 pm

Are you ready to raise your vibration? Are you ready to elevate and uplift?

4:30 pm

Join me for this fabulous feeling, high-energy musical meditation experience of "trance-chanting" mantras- positively powerful words and phrases rhythmically repeated in a call-and-response style with supportive instrumentation. This musical experience is also called "Kirtan" (Think Krishna Das or Snatam Kaur) and it is a traditional bhakti (devotional/participational) yoga practice.  

Doing this practice of reciting- chanting and singing- mantras and affirmations with others AMPLIFIES the vibrations and generates an energy field that is positively powerful and palpable.  Many people find the experience is uplifting, ecstatic and transformational.

I share chants and simple songs from cultures all over the world, plus my own original songs, and we sing together to lift our hearts to a higher vibration.
Lots of singing! Lots of smiling! Lots of bliss!  

All voices weave together as one in an ecstatic "tribal vocal trance".

Every cell of you will vibrate and come into harmonious resonance with everything around you- other people, a sense of place, a good feeling of togetherness induced and supported by sound.

Big love!