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Dream Your Life & Live Your Dream Chakra A Month ONLINE Workshop Series Membership 2022

Series of 7 ONLINE Monthly Chakra Activation Workshops presenting the essential poses, practices & principles to activate each chakra (via Zoom)+ Unlimited Replay access to Zoom Workshop recording + Monthly 1 hour Zoom "Chakra Talk" group discussion /integration session/ Q&A to better "digest" our practice and get ready for the next chakra + Monthly "pre-workshop" video briefing "About" the Chakra of the Month to get you ready for what's ahead + access to private FB group (The Chakra Activation Yoga Light Warrior Lounge)

1:00 am

I invite you to join me and an amazing community of Chakra Explorers and Big Dreamers on our ONLINE journey down the spine,

from Crown Chakra to Root Chakra,

from inspiration to manifestation,

from July to January,

employing and applying the chakra energies to create the lives of our dreams:

The Crown Chakra's power to conceive/ receive/ believe new possibilities.

The Third Eye’s power to imagine & visualize.  

The Throat Chakra’s power to verbalize your truth.

The Heart’s power to reach out and receive.

The Navel's power to commit, complete and be courageous.

The Sacral Chakra's power to feel and move freely.

The Root Chakra's power to be fully in physical form.

Together we learn to walk our chakra talk!

*** Early Bird Discount (Save $70!) is up until midnight Sunday July 24th!***


What Is It????

* A Series of 7 Live Monthly Zoom Chakra Activation Poses & Practices Workshops (2 hours)

* A Series of 7 Live Monthly Zoom "Chakra Talk" Integration Sessions (group coaching/ support & accountability/ active listening/ Q & A) (1 hour)

*  Ongoing/Anytime access to above Workshop & Session REPLAYS via the Membership Platform

* Additional meditation, bonus exercises, personal reflections & journal prompts, PLUS witnessing, accountability & support on your personal intentions

* Access to an assortment of short instructional videos each month/chakra:

Bija Mantra, Chakra Yantras + Affirmations, etc.

Bonus: Access to our wonderful Chakra Activation Yoga FB group community and all the videos and resources there!

When Is it???

Crown Activation: Receiving & Believing: Saturday July 30 from 1-3 pm EST

Crown Integration: Sunday August 7 from 8-9 pm EST

Third Eye Activation: Imagining & Visualizing: Saturday August 20 from 1-3

Third Eye Integration: Monday September 5 from 8-9 pm EST

Throat Activation: Verbalizing: Saturday September 17 from 1-3 pm EST

Throat Integration: Monday Octoer 3 from 8-9 pm EST

Heart Activation: Loving: Saturday October 15 from 1-3 pm EST

Heart Integration: Monday November 7 from 8-9 pm EST

Navel Activation: WIlling: Saturday November 19 from 1-3 pm EST

Navel Integration: Monday December 5 from 8-9 pm EST

Sacral Activation: Feeling: Saturday December 17 from 1-3 pm EST

Sacral Integration: Monday January 2 from 8-9 pm EST

Root Activation: Embodying & Manifesting: Saturday January 14 from 1-3 EST

Root Integration: Monday January 30 from 8-9 pm EST

(Remember: if you can't make the specific date or time you will still have access to the recordings to watch whenever / as many times as you like during the 7 month series!)

Where Is it???

All Workshops and Integration Sessions are ONLINE VIA ZOOM

and all recordings are accessed on the membership platform.

How Much Is it???

$55/ month for 7 months (July 2022 through January 2023)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until July 24th: $45/month