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2024 Chakra Activation Series ONLINE

Are you ready for a transformational journey of self-discovery? Are you ready to explore your chakras and ignite your light?

1:00 pm

Each month from January to July we will take a deep dive into ourselves, 

thoroughly exploring the chakras one at a time, from Root to Crown.

We will learn specific yoga poses and practices for activating and embodying these energies,

and we will allow the Light We Are to shine.

This year we will meet twice each month via Zoom:

* first for our 2 hour Chakra Activation Experience and

* second for our 1 hour Energy Integration Experience

(see dates below)

Monthly subscription members will have access to all of the Activation & Integration session replays for the duration of our 7 month adventure


anytime unlimited access to:

a 45 minute Energy Anatomy Module,

a 90 minute All Chakras Class,

the "About" and "Remedy" videos for each chakra

* All Members are invited to The Chakra Activation Yoga Light Warrior Lounge FB group

to experience the community, conversation and chakra activating resources there!

* Yoga Teachers can receive 25 CEUS after completing the 2024 series and qualify to apply for the Chakra Activation Yoga Teacher Training!


Series of 7 Monthly 2 Hour live-streamed

Chakra Activation Workshops 

presenting the essential poses, practices & principles

to activate each chakra!

Root Chakra Activation: Sunday January 21

Sacral Chakra Activation: Sunday February 11

Navel Chakra Activation: Sunday March 10

Heart Chakra Activation: Sunday April 14

Throat Chakra Activation:  Sunday May 5

Third Eye Chakra Activation: Sunday June 2

Crown Chakra Activation: Sunday June 30

*** All workshops are online via Zoom from 1-3 pm EST***


Series of 7 Monthly 1 hour live-streamed

Energy Integration Sessions

group discussion/ Q&A to better "digest" our practice

and get ready for the next chakra!

Root Chakra Integration: Monday January 29

Sacral Chakra Integration: Monday February 26

Navel Chakra Integration: Monday March 18

Heart Chakra Integration: Monday April 22

Throat Chakra Integration:  Monday May 20

Third Eye Chakra Integration: Monday June17

Crown Chakra Integration: Monday July 15

*** All Integrations are online via Zoom from 7:30-8:30 pm EST***

***All Chakra Activations & Integration Sessions are recorded

and accessible in the Membership site.***

Are you ready to experience the luminous chakra energies within you

and learn the yoga tools to energize and balance them as needed? 

Are you ready to be your best and your brightest?

Join us!