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The Water of Light Journey and the AllWater

Vox Lumina

The Water of Light Journey is a vision I received in a series of lucid dreams when I was in my 20s.  In the dreams I was shown maps of places I was to go and and I received very clear guidance on what I was to do at these places.

The journey is conceived in terms of “source” points and” re-source” points.  Source points are bodies of water that are depleted, polluted, and in need of positive energy, light, and remembering.  Re-source points are still vital bodies of water i.e. springs, that will provide this energy of rejuvenation and restoration.  Each source point has a corresponding re-source point to maintain the balance and flow of energy throughout the journey.  My part of the mission is to “connect the dots” between re-source points and source points, to gather and carry water from place to place.  

The Water of Light Journey is still unfolding.  Throughout the years I have traveled across the country and back many times, each time visiting one or more of the source points and re-source points, in order to complete the mission I had been given many moons ago.  I have gathered water from all these places, plus many more in between, and this “water of all waters” has affectionately come to be known as the “AllWater”.  AllWater is the combined essence of all the waters I have been blessed to experience.  In addition, friends and people I have met over the years that know about the River Alchemy and Water of Light work bring me water from all over the world to be added to the AllWater.  And I give bottles of AllWater to people traveling to the far corners to make sacred offerings there.  

It is a beautiful unfolding…

The Water of Light Journey, August 1996

Original Re-Source Points:
Hot springs near Clarksburg/Elkins, West Virginia
Asheville, North Carolina
Bear Run, Pennsylvania
Hot springs in Arkansas
Hot springs in New Mexico
Pittsburg Landing, Idaho
Black Hills, South Dakota

Original Source Points:
James River, Virginia
Savannah River, Georgia
Buffalo National River, Arkansas
Rio Grande River, New Mexico
Spence (Jemez) Springs, New Mexico
Snake River, Idaho
Confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, Missouri

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