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Song of Light Dreamtelling

Vox Lumina

Vox’s mission is clear:  to restore the vital link between the land and the people.  She does this through the telling of a simple and poignant tale:  The Song of Light.  This ancient story, nearly forgotten by her people, takes us back to the beginning of Orga’n time, and tells of the origin of of the elements- air, earth, fire, ether, and water- as seen by their personification through Sky, Earth, Sun, Moon, and River. It has a legendary and mysterious power to rekindle a light of remembering within the listener.

“My last hope is to awaken a memory of my people’s past by telling the ancient Orga’n epic, The Song of Light. This is the story of Earth and Sky, and the truth that from the vibration of their love- their motion and emotions- all things that we know have manifested into form. On holy days of yesteryear, when the moon was full, when the seasons changed, all Orga'ns would gather together to hear the Song of Light. We came to know this story by heart,  every cell vibrating with it’s rhythm and language. My aim is to reawaken this knowing by singing again the Song of Light, before I too fall into The Forgetting. It is a call to all Orga’ns to remember themselves as a manifestation of this same sacred vibration, to remember the beauty, harmony, and intelligence of nature, of Orga, and to do what we can to preserve our world. “
- Vox Lumina

A Song of Light “dreamtelling” is a truly unique experience- a tribal gathering, a healing ritual, a medicine ceremony, a celebration. For thousands of years people have gathered together to tell stories, to share music, to ponder their beginnings, to celebrate life.  It is by this shared experience of “coming together in language, the ecstasy of communication” that Vox Lumina’s Song of Light intends to illuminate the beauty and wonder of nature, and hopes to positively and powerfully change people’s perceptions of and actions toward their environment.

Song of Light is a 90 minute performance ritual featuring nine “dreamsongs” woven throughout Vox’s soulful and poetic narrative that recounts the rich ancestry of her land and people and invokes a collective re-awakening to the world around us.

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