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In the early 1970’s, Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University in Montreal scientifically proved that water can be “charged with” and then “store” various types of subtle or vibrational energies.  (Vibrational Medicine, Gerber, 1988)  In other words, the intelligent form of life that is water has the capacity to hold on to or “remember” experiences as vibration on a molecular level.  (This occurs as a result of a phenomenon called resonance; in the presence of a strong vibration wavelengths naturally and eventually come into phase or harmony with one another. )

Like our bodies, Earth is an energy system also predominantly made up of water.  And these bodies of water, be they oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, puddles, brooks, springs, or bogs, are by their very nature vibrationally sensitive.  Unfortunately, many bodies of water “remember” a difficult past, one marred by years of industrial abuse, pollution, and degradation, as well as spiritual neglect.  As a result, the entire energy system of the planet is vibrationally “depressed” and that condition is stored in her waters.

River Alchemy addresses this condition.  

Traditionally, alchemy was known as a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.  In a broader and more contemporary context, however, alchemy is a power and process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary, from the mundane to the sacred.  

River Alchemy is a term I created to describe an experience that transforms rivers and other elements of the natural world from the realm of the mundane to the realm of the sacred.  More specifically and scientifically, River Alchemy generates and entrains the rhythmic aspects of music, movement, language, yoga, and dance, and then apples this vibration to a body or bodies of water, and thereby energetically activating through the principle of resonance.

Every River Alchemy event is different depending on the season and location, but certain fundamental components are always present:  celebration, participation, education, and restoration.  River Alchemy events are always held at a river site or community, and CELEBRATE the ecological and cultural fabric of that region.  At the site, people are encouraged to PARTICIPATE: a moving meditation, a collective art installation, a poetic reflection, a parade or procession, a musical experience, a yoga class, etc.  River Alchemy aims to EDUCATE, connecting participants to information and resources on local water and river issues, organizations, and activities.

And lastly, River Alchemy experiences always involve the making of a vibrational restorative, the “Sonic Tonic”. Each River Alchemy event begins and ends with the magnificent sounding of a quartz crystal bowl, the water within it absorbing the powerful and pure sound of that phenomenal instrument, and also the vibrations of the music, language, prayers, songs, movements, and intentions of the entire event and all the people attending.  Participants are invited to partake of this energetic elixir, as the “sweet water” like the children call it, harmonizes everyone there to the same resonant vibration, and at the very end of the event, this “charged” water is ceremonially offered to the river or body of water we are honoring.    This aspect of the River Alchemy experience literally “raises the vibration” of all the bodies of water that are there.    

River Alchemy events have been activating bodies of water all across the United States since 1999.

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