Private Sound Healing Sessions

Private Sound Healing Sessions are like “sound massage”: sessions are 60-90 minutes and you relax, fully clothed, on a treatment table. In a session you hear, feel, and experience powerful unison, harmony, and octave frequencies around you and this helps you to remember these sensations within you, activating a deep resonance and inner healing response, allowing your body-mind-spirit to vibrate at it’s optimal frequency so that your PERSONAL VIBRATION can be it’s most vital, most powerful, most truthful and healthy expression of All-You-Are.



Brooke’s Sound Healing Session options include:


In the ENERGY CLEARING SESSION I work with the UNISON interval of a C frequency (256 cps). The energy field is cleared of a layer of non-resonant frequencies/ interference patterns and at the same time fortified with a sense of vibrational definition.

This treatment is advised for:

*strengthening the Root (1st) Chakra/ a healthy sense of “ I AM PRESENT”

*clearing the energy field from accumulated vibrational “yuk”



In the ENERGY HARMONIZING SESSION I work with the HARMONY C-G interval, (256/384 cps) the revered harmony of harmonies, the “Pythagorean 5th”. This sonic experience reveals harmony and harmonious, non-interfering relationship.

This treatment is advised for:

*healing and strengthening the Sacral (2nd) Chakra/ ability to harmonize/ belief that harmony is possible

*calming the nervous system



In the ENERGY OCTAVE ACTIVATION SESSION I work with the OCTAVE C-C interval, (256/512 cps). This sonic experience reveals the possibility of “finding the octave” in a situation, “taking the higher road” so to speak and maintaining your highest frequency, your light and divinity, when your own thoughts, others around you, or a situation might be bringing you down.

This treatment is advised for:

*encouraging energy into the Heart Chakra and above,

*support in weaning from unhealthy, addictive thoughts and activities.



In the PYTHAGOREAN ATTUNEMENT SESSIONS I introduce each of the Pythagorean intervals to vibrationally energize and “tune” the entire system. (Please note, it usually takes 3 sessions to cover the entire octave.)

When we hear the “lost language” of the Pythagorean notes and intervals we are hearing the same sacred geometry that we feel and see in our bodies as the comparative length of the bones, the natural growth patterns, and in the natural world around us as the Fibonacci sequence of the nautilus shell, the water vortex, and the spiral galaxy. Hearing these sonic ratios is deeply restorative and re-aligns us to a sense of harmonious relationship within us and with the natural world.

This treatment is advised for:

* improving a general and chronic sense of disconnect or irritation, like you are “out of tune” and unable to resonate with anyone or anything around you.



IMMERSE YOURSELF in the healing vibrations of multiple quartz crystal singing bowls. Let all the cells within you come into vibrational harmony with everything around you. Relax completely. Release. Be All-You-Are. Ahhhhhhhhh….

(Please note: Sound healing sessions are like “sound massage”: sessions are 30-90 minutes and you relax, fully clothed, on a treatment table.)



In a RESTORATIVE YOGA & SOUND HEALING SESSION you linger in simple, aligned, and supported (via blankets, bolsters, and other props) restorative yoga postures for longer duration (5-10 minutes per pose) to ease chronic stress and allow deep relaxation while hearing and feeling the healing vibrations and unison, harmony, and octave intervals of tuning forks, singing bowls, and vocal tones.


* Any of these Sound Healing Sessions might include Quartz Crystal Bowls and Otto 64 & 128 tuning fork integration.


“I initially sought out sound therapy with Brooke because I was feeling disconnected after experiencing an ongoing personal crisis and physical and emotional trauma. As a yogini, I instinctively knew that I needed to heal on an energetic level. I had taken a wonderful workshop with Brooke and while I wasn’t really sure what would happen in a private sound therapy session, it seemed like it was worth exploring. What I actually experienced was a uniquely profound healing in body and mind… ”

– Sharon Fennimore, yoga teacher/ owner of Yoga Matrika studio (PA): Chakra Yoga Immersion Workshop and private Sound Healing/ Chakra Yoga Therapy client

“The work that I have done with Brooke has been life shifting and magical. The sound healing has been refreshing and powerful. The ability to breathe and relax into space that allows for healing is pure goodness. Being able to then return to work with Brooke with personalized movements and support has transformed my yoga practice and healing path. I can not recommend Brooke Smokelin’s healing sessions or her any higher than this! Run to get an appointment with her and get ready for powerful transformation and healing. Thank you, Brooke!”

– Nicole Willis (PA): Chakra Yoga Immersion Workshop and private Sound Healing/ Chakra Yoga Therapy client