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At long last I have crafted a beautiful, functional, color coordinated Chakra Activation Deck! It is durable, playful, “handy”, and intends to inspire yoga practitioners in activating their own self-paced Chakra Activation Yoga practice. Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.


This amazing product combines my 20+ years of knowledge and experience as a devoted yoga teacher and as the founder of my own unique style of Chakra Activation Yoga, and 15 years of guiding my students on the annual “pilgrimage up the spine”/ journey of self-discovery through my Chakra Activation Workshop Series. Now this educational and experiential material is available in a fun and easy to use format for ANYONE ANYWHERE ANYTIME to activate and explore their chakras and experience their radiant, “full spectrum” self!

My Chakra Activation Deck consists of 70+ color coded, durable 5.5×5.5 Chakra Activation Yoga cards including:

3 “static” poses (asanas)
3 “dynamic” poses (kriyas)
1 breathing exercise (pranayama)
1 chanting exercise (bija mantra)
15+ chakra affirmations
PLUS additional contemplations and meditations FOR EACH CHAKRA!!!

With your Chakra Activation Deck YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN DAILY YOGA PRACTICE by:

* shuffling the deck and choosing 1 “random” Chakra Activation Yoga pose a day

* choosing a different chakra/color each day (build a personal Chakra Activation Yoga Flow each week)

* focusing on one particular chakra at a time (i.e. all red cards for the ROOT Chakra one week)

It is the first Chakra Activation Deck of it’s kind

and I AM SO EXCITED for you to have one of your very own!

THE Beautiful STORY:

I’ve spent years creating this product.

For over 20 years I’ve been studying yoga and developing my own style of yoga called Chakra Activation Yoga, a “unique fusion of classic, static hatha asanas and rhythmic, dynamic kundalini kriyas” with the intention for every body to “awaken, explore, and balance the physical, metaphysical, emotional, psychological, energetic, and vibrational elements of each of the 7 chakra-energy centers.” It has been my life’s work to share with my students the amazing chakra system of body consciousness and teach my students the various yogic tools and techniques of pranayama (breathing), asana (posture), mantra (sound forms) and yantra (visual forms) so that they can imagine, visualize, express, love, will, feel, and EMBODY their “full spectrum” selves!

For 15 years I’ve been honing and toning the curriculum of my 9 month Chakra Activation Yoga Program which includes the fabulous “Chakra Activation Workshop Series”, the “sacred journey up the spine” which so many of you have experienced with me! In this series we dive deeply into one chakra a month for 7 months. I’ve also developed an advanced yoga teacher training program which provides yoga teachers with techniques to integrate these Chakra Activation Yoga tools into their classes.

And yet I’ve always imagined that this powerful wellspring of information be accessible in a unique “card deck” format- something self-paced, durable, playful and “handy” to inspire students in developing their own yoga practice. There are plenty of yoga videos and yoga books out there but this is the first Chakra Activation Yoga Deck of it’s kind!

I’m delighted to be at this stage of my journey where I can now offer the fruits of my training and exploration to you…

THANK YOU so much for your support and generosity!

In joy,

Brooke Smokelin
Founder/Director, ChakraYogaHealing


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