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head shot“I was several years into my practice as a yoga student before I became fully aware of the chakras, and to my early teacher who introduced me to this profound, poetic, complete and intricate way of seeing a human being I am eternally grateful. Since then I have dedicated my own practice to the understanding and experience of these ‘wheels within’, and as a yoga teacher I am committed to introducing other people on the path to their vibrant, kaliedescopic, and full-spectrum selves as described by the yogic chakra system.”  Chakra Yoga Teacher Brooke Smokelin
Brooke Smokelin is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer, and Musician.  For over 18 years she has studied with teachers in the Kundalini, Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Kriya Yoga traditions, as well as the American Sanskrit Institute. Through her various studies and an ever-blooming inspiration and fascination with the yogic chakra system, “Chakra Yoga” has become the cornerstone of her practice and her teachings.  Chakra Yoga is a form of ‘Applied Yoga’, aka Yoga Therapy, in that we learn and apply specific therapeutic yogic tools of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra (repetitive sounds), and meditations to specific issues and imbalances in our lives and, through regular practice, bring the body-mind-spirit into better health and harmonization.  For years Brooke has developed and refined her Chakra Yoga as a creative and experiential medium to inform and ignite others with a knowledge of and techniques to embody their “full-spectrum” selves. 
Brooke has worked with doctors and leaders in the Integrative Mental Health field to develop “The Embodiment Program”, a mind-body protocol specifically for anxiety, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Spectrum, ADHD, and PTSD.

Brooke offers classes and workshops, private and semi-private sessions, retreats, teacher and practitioner training programs (Yoga CEUs available) in yoga and chakra education, yoga therapy techniques, energy activation and chakra balancing, as well as various vibrational healing/sound therapy modalities.


Positive Feedback about Brooke’s teaching and healing:

Brooke’s private sessions have facilitated deep healing and transformation in subtle yet powerful ways for me. I appreciate Brooke’s knowledge, intuition, and understanding of the healing process. Pittsburgh is lucky to have her!”

-Stephanie Helsel, Psychotherapist (PA): private Chakra Balancing client

“I initially sought out sound therapy with Brooke because I was feeling disconnected after experiencing an ongoing personal crisis and physical and emotional trauma. As a yogini, I instinctively knew that I needed to heal on an energetic level. I had taken a wonderful workshop with Brooke and while I wasn’t really sure what would happen in a private sound therapy session, it seemed like it was worth exploring. What I actually experienced was a uniquely profound healing in body and mind. I had a traumatic birth injury that caused ongoing cramping in my breathing diaphragm. This cramping diminished my ability to practice many asana and to enjoy my physical yoga practice. I had just resolved to “live with it”, but was amazed that after the first two sessions with Brooke, the pain was completely gone. I took a yoga class for the first time in over three years and had absolutely no cramping. This physical healing as a result of energetic therapy is only further evidence that so much of the pain we experience in the physical body is rooted in energetic disturbance. Brooke is an excellent and compassionate listener. Especially after experiencing physical and emotional trauma and needing to be strong to move through it, I found it really difficult to be vulnerable and reveal the depth of my injuries. Brooke creates a very safe and respectful therapeutic space. I left each session feeling greater clarity and grounded in my personal strength and ability to make choices that kept me on a path of healing and well-being. I am so grateful to Brooke for this deep healing I experienced and can’t recommend her therapeutic services highly enough.”

– Sharon Fennimore, yoga teacher/ owner of Yoga Matrika studio (PA): Chakra Yoga Immersion Workshop and private Sound Healing/ Chakra Yoga Therapy client

“Thanks for the AMAZING workshop! I have to say, I was truly wondering how you could expect to meet the tall order of the goals of the 3rd Chakra Immersion. By far, I was totally impressed and blown away by the class. A testament to you and your gifts… thank you.”

-JP (NY): student in Chakra Yoga Immersion Series

“I am so glad I found Brooke and she has become a regular teacher of mine in yoga and in furthering my studies around chakra work. I’ve been in the field of adult education for 20+ years and Brooke is an exceptional teacher. In both her yoga and chakra workshops she creates a safe space, and not only welcomes but encourages questions. For those of us new to these practices it can feel scary and she makes it totally safe. And it’s always in an environment full of laughter. I always come away knowing something more about myself and feeling great.

-HS (NY): student in Chakra Yoga Immersion Series

“The work that I have done with Brooke has been life shifting and magical. The sound healing has been refreshing and powerful. The ability to breathe and relax into space that allows for healing is pure goodness. Being able to then return to work with Brooke with personalized movements and support has transformed my yoga practice and healing path. I can not recommend Brooke Smokelin’s healing sessions or her any higher than this! Run to get an appointment with her and get ready for powerful transformation and healing. Thank you, Brooke!”

– Nicole Willis (PA): Chakra Yoga Immersion Workshop and private Sound Healing/ Chakra Yoga Therapy client


Brooke is also a musician or “nada yogini”,  and has been a practitioner of various forms of Sound Therapy for over 15 years.  She works with the instruments of voice, percussion, guitar, tuning forks, and quartz crystal bowls and the aspects of rhythm, vibration, tone, and deep listening to activate a powerful and healing “music” from the harmonization of body, mind, and spirit. She offers private sound healing sessions as well as group sound healing experiences- sound baths and kirtans– and musical medicine making ceremonies.  

You can listen to her kirtan album, Vox Lumina Music is Medicine on sound cloud or buy it on iTunes.  She is also the voice of Vox Lumina, Queen of Orga and singer of the Song of Light, the Creation Story of Orga. You can listen to Vox Lumina’s Song of Light on sound cloud  or buy it on iTunes as well.


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