I’ve got a SERIES OF CHAKRA YOGA E-BOOKS (3 pdf downloads) on each of the chakras which include all of this information:

* ABOUT that chakra /  Yogic TOOLS & TECHNIQUES for that chakra (3 static poses and 3 dynamic poses)
* AFFIRMATIONS for that chakra/ YANTRA (for coloring meditation)
* HOMEWORK for that chakra

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DOWNLOAD VOX LUMINA MUSIC FOR YOUR YOGA STUDIO and CLASSES, YOUR HOME PRACTICE and YOUR MASSAGE BUSINESS. It’s high vibrational, pure-intentional, feel-good musical medicine!


Music is Medicine

Vox Lumina’s kirtan “trance-chant” sonic-rhythmic bliss!


square Cari_Ellen_Hermann_09152011__0189_1

 Song of Light

Vox Lumina’s musical story of creation.

 Both albums are available for digital download on iTunes.

The Song of Light album comes with a beautiful color book of photos and poetry and is only available for purchase at