A Transformational Weekend Retreat with Brooke Smokelin of Chakra Yoga Healing and the creator of the Chakra Activation Deck

Friday September 15 through Sunday September 17, 2017

Do you want to IMAGINE a better future for yourself?
Are you ready to CLARIFY and COMMIT TO a NEW VISION for your life?
Are you ready to SEE the abundance of resources you have?
Are you ready to CLEAR obstacles to your fulfillment and success?                      Are you ready to MANIFEST your heart’s desires? 

Perhaps you are on the verge of making a big decision. Perhaps big change is already upon you. Perhaps you are at a life transition and want to pause and envision this next phase of your life. This exceptional weekend retreat will provide you with the support and practices you need.

Taking Brooke’s Chakra Yoga tools and techniques “off the mat” and working with our own specific dreams and inspirations, clarifying and connecting to these visions, clearing obstacles and committing to a course of action so that we will eventually and actually feel and embody the satisfaction of completion and manifestation is what her “full spectrum” Chakra Yoga work is all about.

In the DREAM YOUR LIFE-LIVE YOUR DREAM Retreat weekend we begin our work at the Crown Chakra with a long and deep meditation in which we invite and receive a specific “inspiration” for this time in our lives. We then move our attention and intention from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra, applying the tools of Brooke’s unique Chakra Yoga as well as other transformational techniques to practice receiving/conceiving, seeing/perceiving/clarifying, speaking, loving, willing, feeling and ultimately EMBODYING and MANIFESTING this inspiration in our lives and in the world.

This retreat is open for students of all levels and is ideal for students that have taken any or all of Brooke’s Chakra Yoga Activations or Immersions and are ready to APPLY what they have learned to a particular aspect of their lives.

RETREAT DATES: Friday September 15 through Sunday September 17, 2017
RETREAT LOCATION: lovely lodge accommodations at a 500 acre location near Bedford, PA- less than 2 hours east of Pittsburgh

* 7 Chakra Yoga Workshops, 1 for each chakra Crown to Root
* 1 Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Experience
* free time to explore the 500 acre grounds/ swim in spring fed pond/ nature for inspiration & integration
* 6 meals (Friday dinner/ Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner/ Sunday breakfast/lunch)
* 2 nights lodging (Friday/ Saturday)


Single Bed (Single or Queen) in a Shared Room (1 other bed):

Early Bird Rate***: $545 per person
Regular Rate: $595 per person

Shared Queen Bed**** in a Shared Room (1 other bed):

Early Bird Rate***: $445 per person
Regular Rate: $495 per person

***Early-Bird Rates Are Available Through August 15, 2017 if paid in full.

****Must pre-select your “bedmate” prior to making your reservation. Thank you.

* There are no single occupancy rooms available for this retreat.
* Exact room specifications can be discussed when you make your reservation and are based on availability.

A 50% deposit is due upon making your reservation.
Deposits are refundable 2 weeks or more from time of retreat (before or on September 1, 2017). After that (within 2 weeks) the deposit becomes non-refundable.
Retreat balance must be paid in full by September 15, 2017.


RETREAT SCHEDULE: (proposed, might be subject to change)

2pm: Arrive and Settle In
3-3:45pm: Opening Circle
4-5:30pm: Crown Chakra Activation- “I am….”
6- 7:15pm: Dinner Gathering
7:30-9pm: Third-Eye Chakra Activation- “I envision….”
9:15-10:15pm: Sound Bath Experience

7:30-8:45am: Breakfast
9-10:30am: Throat Chakra Activation- “I express….”
10:30-12: Free time
12-1:15pm: Lunch
1:30-3:00pm: Heart Chakra Activation- “I love….”
3-6 pm: Free Time
6-7:15pm: Dinner
7:30-9pm: Navel Chakra Activation- “I will…”

7:30-8:45am: Breakfast
9-10:30am: Sacral Chakra Activation- “I feel…”
10:30-12: Free Time
12-1:15pm: Lunch
1:30-3pm Root Chakra Activation- “I embody/ I have manifested….”
3:15-4:45pm: Closing Circle

If you have questions please contact me (Brooke Smokelin) at