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Dear Yoga Studios and Studio Owners: 

IT’S TIME TO IGNITE THE LIGHT and ChakraYoga loves to travel! BRING ME TO YOUR YOGA STUDIO TO FACILITATE THESE AMAZING EXPERIENCES for your yoga community!  FYI: I am an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance which means that I can offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for other certified yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance. (Current industry requirements are that RYTs must document 30 CEUs in various categories every 5 years.)  My workshops are top quality.  I have 20 years of teaching experience and my workshops are ENJOYABLE, EDUCATIONAL, and TRANSFORMATIONAL!   I offer a variety of workshops suitable for all levels of yoga students, as well as yoga therapists, massage therapists, energy workers and healers that want to better understand and experience the chakras from a yogic perspective.  Students that study with me gain a thorough knowledge of the chakras (physical, emotional, energetic) and the yogic tools and techniques (asana, pranayama, mantra, kriya, and other meditations) to activate each of these energy centers. I especially cater to the Yoga Teacher who didn’t quite get a thorough dose of chakra education in their teacher training program and wants to learn more the chakra system and begin to design their classes with this knowledge in mind.  I offer two progressive Chakra Yoga Workshop Series- The IGNITE YOUR LIGHT Chakra Activation/Immersion Series and the Chakra Education Series, each of which provides CEUs, as well as a Yoga Teacher Chakra Yoga Mentoring program.

Below you’ll find a listing of my current offerings of workshops, events, and trainings. Please know that I am happy to create a specific program– workshop or event or series of workshops- for the specific needs of your clients and students. Just ask!


(these are usually good for my first visit to a studio…)

*The Chakra Tune-Up 
(with Sound Healing Sivasana Meditation)
1.5 to 2 hours minimum

This is an actual “tune up” for your body, mind & spirit! Just like we tune up our cars or our instruments so they operate efficiently over time, we also need to tune up our physical body and our energy body so that they can continue to “play well” together. In this session we will generate energy via pranayama and move it through each chakra with my unique style of Chakra Yoga that fuses dynamic Kundalini kriyas and static Hatha asanas. Each chakra will be exercised, vitalized, and harmonized! There is a delightfully long sivasana at the end for integration, and this can be lengthened and/or combined with a Sound Healing component including crystal bowls, toning, tuning forks, drumming and healing mantras. This can all be followed by an uplifting Vox Lumina Kirtan/Yogic Trance Chanting experience.

*The Energy Anatomy & Embodiment Sequence 

1.5 to 2 hours

This is a “Chakras 101” in which participants are introduced to the vocabulary of the energy body, each of the chakras, and the yogic chakra model as a whole in an exploratory, experiential, enjoyable environment.  What is prana? What are nadis? What is a chakra? How do we know/feel that we have chakras? energy? What are their names and associations? Where are they located? Why are they important? How do they work? Students are guided through my basic “Embodiment Sequence” of specific yoga techniques in order to experience each chakra and more time is given to explaining the chakra system. Suitable for students and yoga teachers of all skill levels.

*Restorative Chakra Yoga and Sound Healing “Mini-Retreat”

2.5 to 3 hours

Students linger in simple, aligned, and supported (via blankets, bolsters, and other props) yoga postures for each chakra for longer duration (5- 10 minutes per pose) to ease chronic stress and allow deep relaxation WHILE hearing and feeling the healing vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls, the unison, harmony, and octave frequencies of tuning forks, and vocal tones. I also provide aromatherapy for each chakra.  It really is like a vacation… 🙂  * Please note: yoga studio must provide at least 1 under-knee bolster, 2 standard yoga blankets, i strap, and 2 blocks FOR EACH STUDENT in this workshop.

*Yoga Therapeutics Workshops

1.5 to 2 hours

Yoga for Relaxation
Yoga for the Nervous System
Yoga to Open the Hips
Yoga for Emotional Balance
Yoga for Digestion
Yoga for Courage and Focus
Yoga for a Healthy Heart
Yoga for a Healthy Immune System
Yoga for Better Balance
Yoga for Intuition
Yoga for the Thyroid
Yoga for Adrenal Balance


*IGNITE THE LIGHT: The Chakra Activation/ Immersion Workshop Series

begins with my ENERGY ANATOMY/ Intro to the Chakras workshop (described above) and is followed by 7 or 8 other wonderful workshops (listed below). 

1) The Root Chakra Immersion: Yoga for Staying Grounded in Ourselves

2) The Sacral Chakra Immersion:  Yoga and Oppositional Forces: The Power of 2

3) The Navel Chakra Immersion: Yoga to Fuel Your Courage and Confidence

4) The Heart Chakra Immersion: Yoga for Radiating and Receiving Love

5) The Throat Chakra Immersion: Yoga for Healthy Self-Expression

6) The Third-Eye Chakra Immersion: Yoga for Clear Perception and Insight

7) The Crown Chakra Immersion: Yoga for Total Integration

8) The Chakra Manifestation Workshop.   This workshop is an excellent experience of applying chakra yoga to our everyday lives. In this workshop we begin at the Crown Chakra and through meditation we invite and receive a specific “inspiration” for this time in our lives. We then move our attention and intention from the Crown to the Root, applying the tools and techniques of each chakra as we practice seeing/perceiving, speaking, loving, willing, feeling and ultimately EMBODYING this inspiration in our lives and in the world.  This workshop is ideal for students that have taken any or all of the Chakra Yoga Activations/Immersions and are ready to APPLY what they have learned to a particular aspect of their lives.

(All of the above workshops in the Chakra Series can be 2 or 3 hour workshops.  The 3 hour option includes a kundalini yoga set for that particular chakra.)


(These can be added to the end of a workshop or offered as stand alone experiences or combined e.g. Chakra Tune-Up/Sound Bath/Kirtan combo.)

 *Vox Lumina SOUND BATH: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Sound Baths are often referred to as “horizontal concerts” because everyone lies down on a yoga mat to enjoy the music and receive the vibrational healing. In this relaxed position and state of mind the transcendent sonic experience begins with the pure tones and overtones of quartz crystal singing bowls, creating a magnificent matrix of vibration to “recalibrate” the human energy system into a powerful place of resonance. Every cell of you and all the water within you begins to vibrate and eventually comes into harmony with everything around you- other people, a sense of place, a feeling of One-ness induced, restored, and supported by sound. I often begin with Spirit Drumming and end with group free-form toning. It’s quite magnificent!

*Vox Lumina KIRTAN: 1 to 2 hours

Kirtan is a traditional yogic group practice/ high-energy musical meditation experience of “mantra trance-chanting”- positively powerful words and phrases rhythmically repeated in a call-and-response style with supportive instrumentation. Doing this practice of reciting- chanting and singing- mantras and affirmations with others amplifies the positive vibrations and the experience is AMAZING. In a Vox Lumina Kirtan we often add in chants and simple songs from cultures all over the world, as well as our own home tribe songs, songs of Orga, and sing together to lift our hearts to a higher vibration. Lots of drumming! Lots of singing! Lots of smiling! Lots of bliss! All voices weave together as one in an ecstatic “tribal vocal trance”. Hearts open to harmony and entrainment! Again, every cell of you vibrates and comes into resonance with everything around you- other people, a sense of place, a feeling of One-ness induced and supported by sound.

ALSO, a popular option is the multi-faceted experience which includes one or all of the following: 1) The Chakra Tune-Up, 2) SOUND BATH/Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Sivasana, 3) Vox Lumina Kirtan/Yogic Trance Chanting. WOW! 


Ok now, it’s time to START DREAMING of me coming to your yoga studio!  Please note, my CHAKRA ACTIVATION/IMMERSION WORKSHOP SERIES can be presented and taken individually (i.e. just the Heart Chakra or the Throat Chakra), as a series, (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally, etc. depending on your proximity to me), offered as a weekend workshop or retreat, or designed and catered to the needs of your particular educational program.  Again, I am happy to create a specific program- workshop or event or series of workshops- for the specific needs of your clients and students. Just ask!  Contact me at .

Here is a SAMPLE WEEKEND FORMAT to contemplate and consider for your studio:


Saturday: SACRAL, NAVEL & HEART CHAKRA IMMERSIONS (2 hours each) (with optional heart opening KIRTAN in evening!)

Sunday: THROAT, THIRD-EYE, & CROWN CHAKRA IMMERSIONS (2 hours each) (with optional SOUND BATH/ Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Shivasana at end)


Finally, please note that I offer a CHAKRA YOGA TEACHER MENTORING PROGRAM offering specifically for Yoga Teachers that have already taken my Chakra Activation Series in full and wish to deepen their Chakra Yoga studies with me and mentor with me to bring these Chakra Yoga tools and techniques more significantly into their practice and teachings.  Please go here for more details:


I am an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), IKTYA certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer and Musician. For over 20 years I’ve studied with teachers in the Kundalini, Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Kriya Yoga traditions, as well as developed a thriving Yoga Therapy and Sound Therapy practice. I offer classes, workshops, workshop series, private and semi-private sessions, retreats, teacher and practitioner training programs in chakra and yoga education, yoga therapy techniques, as well as various vibrational healing/sound therapy modalities. My aim is to empower students, clients and practitioners with the tools and techniques to positively and powerfully transform their lives.

The cornerstone of my work is Chakra Yoga, my own unique fusion of classic, static hatha asanas and rhythmic, dynamic kundalini kriyas which explores the physical, metaphysical, emotional, psychological, energetic, and vibrational elements of each of the 7 major chakra-energy centers. By using the yogic tools of pranayama (breathing), asana (posture), mantra (sound forms), and yantra (visual forms), for each chakra, participants gain practices and techniques to imagine, visualize, speak, love, will, feel, and EMBODY their full-spectrum selves. The purpose of my Chakra Yoga is to “tune up” the chakras so that we may get a better sense of these different aspects of consciousness within ourselves and create a beautiful harmonization of our own body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately it is from an awareness of this place of inner resonance and strength that we are able to seek and create harmony with the outer world and with each other.

Thank you for the opportunity to share and shine!

In joy,

Brooke Smokelin of chakrayogahealing





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