Chakra Activation Series- Pittsburgh 2017


*Do you want to learn about the chakras?

*Do you want to learn specific yogic tools and techniques to activate and balance your chakra system?

*Do you want to better understand this complete yogic system of “seeing” the human being and apply it to your life and your relationships?

*Are you a counselor, therapist, psychotherapist, massage therapist, healer, energy worker, yoga therapist, movement therapist and you wish to apply a knowledge of the chakras to your work?

  • Are you a yoga teacher looking to expand your knowledge of the chakras and pass it on to your students through specific yogic techniques?  Are you interested in earning 18 Continuing Education Units?

This series of monthly Chakra Activation workshops is perfect for people that want to “dive in” and explore, experience, and energize their chakras!  It is a sacred pilgrimage, the annual “journey up the spine” activating each chakra and discovering All-You-Are!  Students are taught asanas and kriyas, pranayama and meditation techniques for each chakra.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS YEAR I AM OFFERING TWO CHAKRA ACTIVATION SERIES IN PITTSBURGH, one on SUNDAYS at Mookshi Wellness Center and the other on SUNDAYS at Exhale Pittsburgh.  


SATURDAY 2017 SCHEDULE at Mookshi Wellness Center:

Saturday January 14: Root/ Muladhara Chakra

Saturday February 11: Sacral/ Svadishthana Chakra

Saturday March 11: Navel/ Manipura Chakra

Saturday April 8: Heart/ Anahatta Chakra

Saturday May 13: Throat/ Vishuddha Chakra

Saturday June 10: Third-Eye/ Ajna Chakra

Saturday July 29: Crown/ Sahasrara Chakra


Mookshi Wellness Center

702 S. Trenton Avenue/ Pittsburgh PA 15221


$45 per person per workshop

PRE-REGISTRATION is required. Please call 412-407-7829 or click here to register:

SUNDAY SCHEDULE at Exhale Pittsburgh:

Sunday January 15: Root/ Muladhara Chakra

Sunday February 12: Sacral/ Svadishthana Chakra

Sunday March 12: Navel/ Manipura Chakra

Sunday April 9: Heart/ Anahatta Chakra

Sunday May 14: Throat/ Vishuddha Chakra

Sunday June 11: Third-Eye/ Ajna Chakra

Sunday July 30: Crown/ Sahasrara Chakra


Exhale Pittsburgh

222 Boulevard of the Allies/ Pittsburgh, PA 15222


$45 per person per workshop

PRE-REGISTRATION is required.  Please click here to register: