Sound Healing

We have all turned to music and sounds to change our mood- to lift us up, to feel and remember feelings, to get us “pumped up” for a particular task at hand. We listen and resonate with the words of the singer, the intensity of the instruments, the energy of the sounds. Collectively, instinctively, we know that music and sounds have a particular power. Indeed, when we look up heal (v) in the dictionary it says “to make sound”. When we look up sound (adj) in the dictionary it says “normal and healthy, not weak, diseased, or impaired” (Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition 1970).  Sound healing is when we combine this powerful medium of vibration with the intention to heal, to bring about good feelings- sensations of wholeness, alignment and harmony.

“Vibrational healing” or “sound healing” is when by hearing or applying sound, rhythm, or vibration to a body or a system, it allows that body or system to adjust and recalibrate back to health.


Every part of us vibrates. Whether we realize it or not, within every cell and every tissue, every thought and every memory has a specific vibration that makes up the total “vibe” of who we are. Everything around us also has a vibration, be it a tree, a mosquito, a car or a cell phone. Some of these vibrations combine and create harmonious patterns; some of these patterns create disharmony and dis-ease.

Knowing the difference between what is harmonious and what is not is an essential tool. Hearing for yourself the unison, harmony, and octave frequencies of single tone instruments like tuning forks and quartz crystal bowls, experiencing the musical/mathematical language of Pythagorean intervals, and using these sounds to clear and fortify your own vibrational field can help us to remember what true harmony is and help us to create more harmony in ourselves, in our lives, and in our world.




*induces a deep state of relaxation & “mindlessness”

*improves mental clarity & concentration

*balances left and right brain thought patterns

*brings nervous system into balance

*enhances and refines sonic abilities

*generates a feeling of wholeness and coherence

*increases Nitric Oxide (NO) production in cells

*stimulates connective tissue to release physical/emotional tension and trauma