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“Embody the Light” Chakra Coaching Program

Are you interested in experiencing and radiating your full spectrum light all of the time?
Are you interested in fulfilling your potential for happiness, success, and well-being?
Are you ready to EMBODY THE LIGHT YOU ARE???

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have over 15 years of experience educating and counseling people about embodying and activating their energy, and I can truly say that my Chakra Yoga work is profoundly TRANSFORMATIONAL. (Can I get an “Amen! “ out there!? Thank you!)
I believe that one of the primary reasons this work is so powerful and empowering is that it gives us a NEW WAY OF SEEING OURSELVES. The yogic Chakra Energy System that we each uniquely embody manifests physically, emotionally, and vibrationally, and is founded on a vision of the human being as vibrant and whole.

Imagine yourself as a rainbow, a rainbow of consciousness with a full spectrum of frequencies available for you to vibrate and radiate in whatever way you choose. None of these colors within you is “positive” or “negative” or “higher” or “lower”, but rather each one is necessary and appreciated as part of the Light-You-Are.

Now what if one of those colors was missing? What if somehow developmentally or socially or culturally or environmentally you never learned what “yellow” consciousness was? Or you found yourself in a situation that interfered with your full spectrum shine and blocked your yellow frequency somehow?

Now imagine one day you learned there are SPECIFIC TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES- physical and mental exercises to practice, powerful meditations and contemplations and visualizations to engage in- that will boost and balance that “yellow” vibration within you?

Well c’mon then! It’s true! So often with coaching and therapy and self-help programs we look at the situation physically or mentally or emotionally and try to figure it out. For years I’ve been using “deep listening” skills to help my clients perceive things VIBRATIONALLY, and provide them with tools to bring themselves into a aligned and vibrant vibrational expression of All They Are.

If you are ready to experience your full spectrum light and receive support and guidance along the way, then sign up for my EMBODY THE LIGHT Chakra Coaching Program today!

1 on 1 sessions (in person OR Skype or Google Hang Outs) : $90/ 1 hour session
4 sessions for $350 (must use within 120 days)
8 session Personalized Chakra Activation Series for $700

*Prior to the first session we will have a 15 minute conversation to discuss your personal situation and goals.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours cancellation notice is firmly upheld. You will be charged the full rate or a session deducted if you cancel without 24 hour notice.


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