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Vox Lumina's Song of Light/ Summer Solstice 6.21.22

Vox Lumina
6:30 pm

Song of Light
is a 90 minute performance ritual featuring nine “dreamsongs” woven throughout Vox’s soulful and poetic narrative re-telling the rich ancestry of her land and people and invoking a collective re-connection to the natural world.

This ancient story, told by Vox Lumina (Queen of Orga, Land of Organically Generated Sound, Time & Form) takes us back to the beginning of Orga’n time, and tells of the origin of the elements as Sky, Earth, Sun, Moon, and River.

It has a legendary and mysterious power to vibrationally activate the memory of water.

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To learn more about the Song of Light, go here.  

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$25 advance/ $33 at door

children under 10 half price

Please purchase tickets in advance if possible.  Thank you!