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Restore: Kundalini Yoga for the Digestive System / Navel Chakra @ Mookshi

RESTORE your digestive system with Kundalini Yoga!

2:30 pm

Clearing out your gut/mind of unnecessary clutter and unhelpful material allows for optimal physiological functioning and frees up your physical/mental/emotional energy for other things in your life. Being mindful of what you are ingesting into your body/mind/spirit and also allow for the complete digestion of what you are ingesting/experiencing can be a healthy and liberating new practice.  This yoga set will generate energy to support your digestive system so that you have the energy you need to create the life you are dreaming of living!  Join Anand Meher Kaur (aka Brooke Smokelin) for a Kundalini Yoga set to vitalize your Navel Chakra!

If you've come to my Chakra Activation Yoga classes or watched my many FB videos or are using my Chakra Activation Yoga Deck you will recognize the Kundalini Yoga approach and style from the "dynamic" postures in Chakra Activation Yoga sequence.  

Kundalini Yoga has very specific "recipes"or sequences of postures to follow during classes for successfully achieving very specific results.  In this series of monthly workshops I will be drawing on my years of experience as a Kundalini Yoga teacher (I graduated my teacher training in 2000!) and will be teaching "straight up" Kundalini Yoga sets from my Yogi Bhajan/ 3HO lineage.

There is really nothing quite like Kundalini Yoga.  It's fun and super energizing and you will feel amazing afterwards!  I hope you can join us for one or two or all of the workshops!

$35 advance/ $40 door