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Essential Oils for the Navel Chakra/ Digestive System

Meet the essential oils that can support your digestive system!

1:00 am

In this class you will learn about and sample different essential oils to support the healthy functioning and nourishment of the associated physical and emotional aspects of the Navel Chakra.

Navel Chakra is associated with the stomach, muscles, navel, pancreas, and the digestive system.

Navel Chakra support can be helpful if you:

*feel “lost” or “confused” about your life’s work and purpose *feel drained and lack energy and enthusiasm
*have digestive disorders
*are chronically overweight
*lack confidence in yourself
*lack focus and energy to complete tasks
*want to gain tools to boost your energy
*feel disrupted by intense feelings of anger and/or jealousy

Join us for some Navel Chakra Essential Oil education and meditation!

$10 pp