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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation & Aromatherapy @ I AM YOGA

Ahhhhh... Come relax and unwind to the beautiful and harmonious vibrations of a crystal bowl sound bath and receive the good-smelling support of essential oils!

1:00 pm

Sound healer and chakra educator Brooke Smokelin takes us on a musical medicine journey into a realm of pure vibration. We begin with an experience of the breath as first mantra and flow into a beautiful meditation and guided visualization. From there we dissolve into the pure tones and overtones of quartz crystal singing bowls and crystallize again with the sacred heart-beat rhythm of the Spirit Drum.  All this pure and powerful musical medicine creates a magnificent matrix of vibration, activating each of the chakra energy centers with sound, and allowing the individual and collective energy field to re-organize into a powerful place of clarity and harmony. Every cell of you and the water within you will vibrate and come into peaceful resonance.  

Add to this amazing experience the additional health benefits and relaxation support of essential oils!

$20 pp advanced/ $25 at door

Please pre-register to reserve your spot for this wonderful experience.