Group Sound Healing Sessions


Sound Baths are often referred to as “horizontal concerts” because everyone lies down on a yoga mat to enjoy the music and receive the vibrational healing. In this relaxed position and state of mind the transcendent sonic experience begins with the pure tones and overtones of quartz crystal singing bowls, creating a magnificent matrix of vibration to “recalibrate” the human energy system into a powerful place of resonance.  Every cell of you begins to vibrate and eventually comes into harmony with everything around you- other people, a sense of place, a feeling of One-ness induced, restored, and supported by sound.  I often add to this the blissfulness of a flute, singing a song of truth and lightness so bright and clear you will be elevated into a new way of seeing and being. I often begin with the Spirit Drums and end with group free-form toning. It’s quite magnificent! I hope you’ll join us in the music….  




The Kirtan experience is a bit more lively and interactive than the Sound Bath.  Kirtan is a traditional yogic group practice/ high energy musical meditation experience of “mantra trance-chanting”- positively powerful words and phrases rhythmically repeated in a call-and-response style with supportive instrumentation. Doing this practice of reciting- chanting and singing- mantras and affirmations with others amplifies the positive vibrations and the experience is AMAZING. Lots of drumming! Lots of singing! Lots of smiling! Lots of bliss! All voices weave together as one in an ecstatic “tribal vocal trance”. Hearts open to harmony and entrainment!  Again, every cell of you vibrates and comes into resonance with everything around you- other people, a sense of place, a feeling of One-ness induced and supported by sound.



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Healing Bodies of Water with Sound…

Back in the early 1970’s, it was shown that water can be “charged with” and then “store” various types of subtle or vibrational energies.* In other words, people were beginning to recognize that the intelligent form of life that is water has the capacity to hold on to or “remember” experiences as vibration on a molecular level. Since that time, many more people have come to contemplate and realize water’s vibrationally sensitive nature, and most notably Dr. Masuro Emoto has recently popularized this phenomenon in his research and book, The Hidden Messages of Wateras well as the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

In 1996 I received a vision: to create community ceremonies and celebrations for rivers at rivers with the intention to heal and harmonize all bodies of water. This work became known as River Alchemy. Traditionally, alchemy was known as a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy that aimed, among other things, to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold. I chose this term because in a broader and more contemporary context, alchemy is a process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary.​

River Alchemy is a term I created to describe an experience that aims to transform the relationship between people and the natural world, specifically people and bodies of water, and thereby heal and transform the actual elements of the natural world themselves.

River Alchemy events have occurred each solstice and equinox since the winter of 1999, activating bodies of water and communities all across the country. Although each River Alchemy event varies depending on the season and location, certain fundamental components are always present: celebration, participation, education, and restoration. River Alchemy events are always held at a river site or community, and CELEBRATING the ecological and cultural fabric of that region is key.



At the site, participants are encouraged to interact with the elements of that environment in some creative way: a moving meditation, a collective art installation, a poetic reflection, a parade or procession, a musical experience, a yoga class, etc. It is always different. It is always amazing. Furthermore, each River Alchemy event incorporates an educational component, connecting participants to information and resources on local water and river issues, organizations, and activities.

And River Alchemy experiences always involve the making of a vibrational restorative, or remedy, for the bodies of water. Each River Alchemy event begins and ends with the magnificent sounding of a quartz crystal bowl, the water within it absorbing the powerful and pure sound of that phenomenal instrument, and also the vibrations of the music, language, prayers, songs, movements, and intentions of the entire event and all the people attending. Participants are invited to partake of this energetic elixir, as this “sweet water”, as the children call it, harmonizes everyone there to the same vibration, the same intention, and at the very end of the event, this “charged” water is ceremonially offered to the river or body of water we are honoring. This aspect of a River Alchemy experience literally and energetically “raises the vibration” of all the bodies of water that are there. If you’ve ever participated in one, I think you know what I mean.

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