Chakra Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

“Walk Your Chakra Talk”- A Chakra Yoga Mentoring Program for Yoga Teachers with Brooke Smokelin

These days, chakras are all the buzz. And with yoga being so popular, there is a lot of usage of the term “chakra yoga”.  However, I also hear many yoga teachers talking about the chakras but later confiding that they haven’t actually experienced the energy of a chakra. Or did they? The truth is, you can read a lot of books about the chakras and the energy body, and talk about what you have read, but in order to teach about it, you need start walking your talk. This is where I come in…

I have been studying, developing, and teaching Chakra Yoga for over 15 years and my work is rooted in the intention to help people EXPERIENCE and EXPLORE their chakra energy systems, and therefore fully EMBODY THE LIGHT they are. It might sound like mumbo jumbo to the inexperienced and the un-initiated, but I KNOW that once you work consciously with the Energy-You-Are and begin to recognize it’s subtle qualities, you will be EMPOWERED to a new level of SHINE. For 10 years I have had a private practice in Energy Activation and Embodiment working one on one with clients to assist them in EXPERIENCING, EXPLORING, and EMBODYING the ENERGY they are. When you work with the tools and techniques of my Chakra Yoga program, you will no longer have just a vague notion of the chakras but a very clear experiential understanding of the whole chakra system, how the chakras work together, and what you can do to improve your chakra health and have balanced energy flow. And, if you are a yoga teacher, through your own practice and experiences you can stand firmly in this experiential knowledge and pass that on confidently to your students.

This is a one-on-one mentoring program specifically FOR YOGA TEACHERS that have completed at least one full round of my 8 workshop Chakra Activation Series (either in person with me or taken one of the on-line versions (Chakra Immersion Series or 8 session Embody the Light Chakra Coaching) and want to learn more about the yogic chakra system, individual chakras, and how to effectively integrate these ideas into classes.

This Mentoring Program is personalized for you, the yoga teacher, and what you would like to learn to better integrate a firm and experientially based knowledge of the chakras into your life and your classes.

*Prior to the first session we will have a 15 minute conversation to discuss your personal situation and goals.

Specifics might include:
*chakra yoga class theory and design
*asanas related for each chakra and why
*sequencing classes
*chakra talk and chakra walk integration
*experienced professional feedback on your classes

PLUS, homework exercises and reflections to practice in between each session! 🙂

10 CEUs available for those that complete 10 hours of training.

Want to see what I’m talking about: check out my Chakra Yoga videos:
Check out my Root Chakra Activation #1 video here:
Check out my Root Chakra Activation #2 video here:


(4) 60 minute sessions for $340 (must use within 90 days)
(8) 60 minute sessions Personalized Chakra Activation Series for $750

1 on 1 sessions (in person OR Skype or Google Hang Outs)

additional 1 hour sessions: $90


Cancellation Policy: 24 hours cancellation notice is firmly upheld. You will be charged the full rate or a session deducted if you cancel without 24 hour notice.

Contact me at with any questions.  Thank you.  Namaste.